5 Successful Freight Sales Prospecting Tips!

5 Successful Freight Sales Prospecting Tips!

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1. The Sweetest Sound To A Person’s Ear Is The Sound Of Their “NAME”!

This is not only about saying their name, but also hearing it pronounced correctly. Repeat it many times while conversing with your freight sales prospects.

2. The Soft Sell In A Nutshell!

Here’s what must be in your mindset when going into every single freight sales call:

Don’t Talk   –   Listen
Don’t Tell   –   Ask
Don’t Sell   –   Solve
Don’t Pitch   –   Probe
Don’t Leave   –   Close

Remember: It’s never about you or your business when going into a freight sales call.  It’s all about your prospect.  When it’s about them, you’ll talk very little and you’ll listen. You won’t tell, you’ll ask.  You won’t sell, you’ll solve their shipping challenges.  You won’t pitch, you’ll keep probing and asking and you won’t leave until you close.

Closing means getting on your prospect’s freight list.  Once you’re on their freight list, then it’s just a matter of quoting them solid and reasonable freight rates.

3. Don’t Say Or Do Anything That Can Be Construed As Being Deceptive.

Such as:  Saying it’s a personal call when it’s not.  Or, you’re following up on a previous call when you haven’t spoken before!

Shipping Decision Makers have the ability to find out if you’re being untruthful or deceptive. Being deceptive is not the way to begin a long term business relationship.

4. Your Prospect’s Perception Of You Rises In Proportion To How Much You Know About Them & Their Challenges.

Use the gatekeeper to collect this valuable information!  If the gatekeeper works closely with your decision maker, they’ll be in tune with the challenges of the shipping decision maker. You may not get these details right away.  However, when you continue calling and emailing, you’ll continue building a relationship with the gatekeeper as well.  You’ll then find out what their challenges are very quickly.

5. Call That Tough-To-Reach Shipping Decision Maker During Their Lunch, Or Before Starting Time.

The opportunity to get through is much higher during these times!  Most individuals don’t leave during lunch.  An even better time to call is toward the end of lunch between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM their time.

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2 thoughts on “5 Successful Freight Sales Prospecting Tips!

  1. John MacKay

    ALL VERY VIABLE POINTS THAT WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME. There is a clear purpose and method here along with
    some common sense problem solving will get you business. Ted I also agree with being truthful, a relationship is built on trust no trust no relationship no relationship no business. In the transportation business having sold there for 15 years
    the President level to the transportation manager all need honesty and trust. The C level and President have organizational needs and problems the transportation manager has departmental concerns. Make sure you have the real concerns or dissatisfaction then show where your service will solve that problem, make sure to get buyin from you customer. After sale service key is if you commit to something do that.


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