Freight Sales Phone Skills That Score!

Freight Sales Phone Skills That Score!

There’s no way around it. To be successful in freight sales, you must spend a lot of time on the phone. Here are the most important freight sales phones skills to learn and apply every day!

There’s No Best Time to Call, So Call Now

The idea that there’s a best time to call freight prospects is an excuse to procrastinate.  Don’t make any assumptions about your prospect.  You have no idea how any day is the norm for anyone.  The best course of action is always to call NOW.  Just do it.  Don’t make up excuses to get out of making the call.  If they don’t answer, leave a message.


Leave A Simple & Professional Voice Mail

If you’re unable to connect with your prospect, you must leave a message.  The most important thing is to keep your message short and simple.  Don’t waste their time or yours listing details about the purpose of your call.  The only information you must include in your message is your name, your business, your phone number, and a request for a call back.  The goal is to get them to call you back so you can eventually connect.  If they don’t call back, then call again!  Leave the exact same message each time until they return your call.

Also make sure that your voicemail message is professional in case you miss a return call from your prospect.  It should be short and easy to understand.  Just list your basic information and ask for the caller’s name and number. It’s a good idea to ask them to repeat this information twice to make sure you catch it.

Make One More Call Every Day

The key to success in freight sales is creating a large contact list.  The best way to build your list is by making lots of calls.  You must always push yourself to make more calls and add more contacts to your list.  Setting long-term goals is a great idea, but you must also do just a little bit better than you did the day before.  Before you leave each day, make just one more call than you did the previous day.  This is a manageable way to keep pushing towards your ultimate goals of having a large contact list and moving a lot of freight.

Don’t Judge Your Success By The Number Of Calls

The number of calls you make each day is important, but only as a means to an end.  What’s more important is the effectiveness of those calls that you made.  Consider how many prospects you connected with, how many names you added to your contact list, and what type of information you collected from those contacts.  So, judge your success by how effective your calls were, and by how much information you obtained about your new freight prospects and their shipping requirements.

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