Freight Sales Opportunities Are Everywhere!

Freight Sales Opportunities Are Everywhere!

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Freight sales agents enjoy their independence.  It’s a double-edged sword, however.  It can be challenging to stay motivated on your own.  Here’s some motivation to keep you moving forward in spotting those freight sales opportunities that are always present before you!

Opportunity Is Everywhere! Few Spot It. Do You?

You never know when a new freight sales opportunity will arise.  Always keep your eyes and ears open.  Don’t separate your work life from your personal life.  You may not make a sales pitch at a dinner party or family reunion, but there’s no reason why you wouldn’t talk about what you do.  Always ask what THEY do first.  Make comments and ask questions when they answer.  The conversation will eventually get around to what you do.  That’s when you give your brief description.  Respondents will typically say, “Oh, that sounds interesting.”  But every so often you’ll hear, “I know someone who works in a warehouse.”  Then you’re off and running.

Do You Have Answers Freight Prospects & Customers Require?

When freight prospects and customers ask questions that you don’t have answers to, get the answers and get back to them ASAP.  Then commit those answers to memory so when they come up again, and they will, you’ll have them ready. This is the continual learning process that all GREAT freight sales agents go through.

How Much Time Are You Learning Something New Daily?

New learning opportunities are everywhere daily.  Always learn more about your freight sales business, and your freight prospects’ and customers’ businesses.  Make it a point to learn something new every day, and step out of your comfort zone as well.  You’ll be amazed at the new opportunities you’ll have to use your newfound knowledge to your advantage.

It’s Not Stalking When It Works!

I’m not recommending you lurk outside your freight prospect’s office until they grant time to talk with you.  There’s nothing wrong, however, with using information you that receive from conversations with others and put yourself in a position to run into that freight prospect you desire to see.  You may ‘happen’ to be lunching at the same restaurant. You never know what comes from a ‘chance’ meeting.

The Quicker You Act – The Faster It Becomes Part Of Your Process!

Keep in mind the ‘Law of 72.’  This law says if you don’t implement a new idea within 72 hours of hearing it, you never will.  So, apply these new ideas within 24 hours, and certainly within 72 hours.  They’ll become part of your successful mastery process!

Until People Know You, You Won’t Move Their Freight!

Freight prospects conduct business with freight agents they know and like.  Get to know your prospects first on a personal level, and let them get to know you too. When you ask about their kids, or talk about their recent vacation, it makes it a lot easier to get their freight moving because they see who you truly are.

We all require extra motivation. Next time you do, think about these points, and then get back out there!

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