Why Freight Sales Isn’t About YOU!

Why Freight Sales Isn’t About YOU!

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When you participate in the freight sales profession, at any level, it’s very easy to think that it’s all about you and your paycheck.  For example, you take rejection personally.  You also think that making yourself more personable and presentable results in more freight sales.  While that has something to do with your success, freight sales will never be about you.  It’s all about understanding and connecting with your freight prospects in a meaningful way.  Here’s how assisting your freight prospects and putting them first dramatically shoots your name to the top of your company’s leader board.

Assisting First Dictates How You Qualify Your Freight Prospects

It’s critically important for freight sales agents to understand their freight prospects.  To do this well, you must understand the business type you’re seeking and match your own organization up with those prospect’s freight requirements.  Identify your ideal prospect’s shipping business, and come up with a list of companies that your company is best suited to work alongside.  Choosing the right prospects to pitch also saves you a tremendous amount of money and time in the long run.

Assisting First Transforms How You Run Your Prospecting Calls

Thinking of your prospects first is how you approach every sales call, whether making it or receiving it.  Identify known issues your prospect has with their freight duties and specifically explain how you’ll solve those challenges.  Don’t just talk about what your company offers – ask questions, and determine how best your freight operations can assist their business and focus on that.  Be ready to provide a quote immediately and don’t ever tell your prospect that you’ll GET BACK to them with one.  When you do that, losing the load is more likely.  Never make promises you can’t keep.  Nor, give your prospect information that’s inaccurate, for your next step then will be a nightmare.

Assisting First Transforms How You Demonstrate & Follow Thru

Once you get the first load and bring your prospect on board, then you must follow thru.  You may have to demonstrate your company’s logistics platform to your new prospect, so you’ll have to show them everything about it that you touted in your sales pitch.  When your prospect asks questions, give them satisfactory answers.  Once your freight prospect signs on, do everything possible to ensure that everyone else at your company follows through and directly addresses the new customer’s requirements.

In freight sales, remember that it’s never about you.  It’s all about your prospects and customers.  Constantly put yourself in their shoes.  Work tirelessly so your solutions are the most attractive shipping and logistics option for the marketplace.  Always expand and service new and different routes to bring in new business and better serve your existing customers.  By continually reinforcing this point, you take your own logistics company and your customers’ companies to greater heights.

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