This Freight Prospecting WILL Get Your Attention

This Freight Prospecting WILL Get Your Attention

If someone said this to you, how would you react?

“I’ve never told you this before, but my aunt in Omaha is good friends with Warren Buffett and this is where he said she MUST put all of her money…”

What would you say or do? You’d snap to attention. You’d elevate your listening to a higher level.  You’d zone out everything else around you.  You’d lean in closer. You’d be 100% focused on what she’s going to say next. Correct?

What caused this reaction in you is called a “Lean in” statement. A lean in statement is a phrase that causes you to listen to the person you’re speaking with at a much higher level. Quite often, you’ll actually “lean in” to hear it.

In reality, your prospects and customers use “lean in” statements all the time. The question is: Do you pick up on them and react the same way as you would with the Warren Buffett comment?

In the freight sales industry, our prospects and customers use “lean in” words to show that they’re about to reveal their problems, pains, and desires. This is so important because as freight sales agents, it’s our MISSION to SOLVE their problems, pains and desires.

Your prospects won’t typically be so clear as to say “My biggest problem that you can solve is…”  Instead, they’ll use lean in words to describe their pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Here are 21 common examples of “lean in” statements:

  1. “We have to do something about …”
  2. “We’ve noticed a downward trend in …”
  3. “It’s concerning us that …”
  4. “A trouble area is …”
  5. “An area of difficulty is …”
  6. “A dilemma we have is …”
  7. “We worry about …”
  8. “It’s a hassle when …”
  9. “What’s frustrating is …”
  10. “We’ve been unsuccessful at …”
  11. “We’re not satisfied with …”
  12. “What’s disappointing is …”
  13. “What takes time is …”
  14. “It costs us to …”
  15. “We attempt to avoid …”
  16. “What we could use is …”
  17. “A solution would be to …”
  18. “What we’d like to achieve is …”
  19. “We could show a savings from …”
  20. “The ideal is to …”
  21. “We’d show the most benefit from …”

Positive Lean In Words

The words above are all examples of negative lean in words.  They signify that your prospect is about to talk about pain and problems.  However, there are also positive lean in words used when prospects visualize the result of a solution.

Keep Your Freight Prospect Talking

The best thing to do with all of these phrases once you hear them is to keep your freight prospect talking.  Let them go into more and more detail about the challenges that they want solved, or what the solution would look like.  Here are some responses to prompt your prospect to do just that:

  • “What do you mean?”
  • “How do you mean exactly?”
  • “Tell me more.”
  • “Explain that please.”
  • “Interesting. Go on.”
  • “In what way?”
  • “How else does that affect you?”
  • “How do you feel about that?”

Start paying attention to these words today.  Keep your prospects talking.  Then they’ll write your freight sales prescription for you!

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