Ted’s Freight Broker Training

Receive the Best Freight Broker Training from Ted Keyes

Are you a struggling freight broker in the logistics industry? If you said yes, then you will definitely profit from my Freight Broker Training! Get the strategies and techniques on how to be successful in the freight industry. My freight broker training will help broaden your skills & knowledge and will give you the tools you need to succeed in the logistics industry.

You could have great income as a Freight Broker or Freight Agent with a lucrative business!

As a freight forwarder determined to grow your enterprise, you need comprehensive training and systems to build your company. Unless you take action and advance your knowledge via my freight broker training, you could continue to struggle for many years to come.

A successful freight broker agent must know how to run all aspects the business including marketing, prospecting and negotiating along with managing shipments. All of these concepts are taught in my logistics training.

TedKeyesonline.com is one-of-a-kind platform offering expert training in freight brokering to benefit those who have not yet reached their potential in the industry. The instruction exposes the hidden tools of success that allows logistics professionals to thrive.

  • Proprietary Sales System
  • Coaching
  • Twice Weekly Conference Calls
  • Green Meadows Productions Exclusive Lead Generation Sources
  • Lucrative Private Contractor Sales Commission Plan
  • Scripts, Templates and Guidelines
  • And Much More!

As a freight forwarder with an entrepreneurial spirit, you will be introduced to concepts essential to growing your enterprise. Competition in the freight industry is fierce. So without proper training, your business will flounder. It is crucial to manage your business efficiently and convince shippers & carriers that your business is the right one for the job. If you lack the marketing, sales and negotiation skills, then everything will likely to remain out of your reach.

Some included courses covered in our freight broker training for struggling agents includes logistics management, carrier selection, shipping methods and distribution management. You will also be taught how to maintain your freight business and stop struggling. All of this training will be provided to you by a bonafide expert in the freight industry!

If you want to stop your current struggles now in the freight industry then it’s time to opt for freight broker training. The training will teach you on how to succeed in this industry. It will give you all the essential tools needed for success. Connect with Ted Keyes Today!

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