The Formula For Extraordinary Freight Sales Agents

The Formula For Extraordinary Freight Sales Agents

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Here’s something that you must understand:

Whatever You Vividly Imagine, Ardently Desire, Sincerely Believe and Enthusiastically Act Upon Will Inevitably Come to Pass!

Now let’s break this down.

One of the most important factors in achieving your freight sales goals is how much effective action you must take. However, if your thoughts and emotions aren’t in order, you won’t take any action.

With that said, as you visualize your goal continuously, remember your reasons WHY you desire your goal and truly BELIEVE that it’s possible for you to achieve it. When you’ve accomplished that, you’ll have more energy than ever before and you’ll work harder than ever before as well!

That’s the power of getting your thoughts and beliefs in order. If your desire is to be ordinary, you’ll get ordinary results.

When your desire is to be extraordinary, then you’ll set extraordinary goals. Work out WHY this goal is so important to you, BELIEVE that you’ll achieve it, and then dive in with MASSIVE ACTION until you’re successful.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Can’t, You’re Right – Henry Ford

If you think it’s just not possible for you to be extraordinary, you’re right. If you believe that you’re too young, too old, too ugly, too beautiful, too tall, too short, too bald or too hairy, then you’ll never take any action towards your goals – period!

However, when you truly believe that you will achieve your goals, you’ll get really excited. This excitement will lead to enthusiastic and massive action, and this is how you’ll bring those results into your life. It all starts with that belief.

You have full control over your beliefs so choose them wisely!

Being Broke Is A Choice!

Logistic Dynamics Founder and past CEO, Dennis Brown, once said something to me that I’ve never forgotten. He said “Being Broke Is A Choice”.

We make choices and then act upon them. When we choose to be exceptional, then we’ll take exceptional action. If your desire is to be ordinary, then your probabilities are high that you’ll be broke. However, it’s a choice. It’s a choice to be broke and it’s a choice to be well off. Change your thinking, change your actions, and hence change your results!

Choose now: What thoughts and beliefs are you thinking right now? Are you going to buy in to your excuses, or are you taking massive action toward success?

The Formula For Extraordinary is yours!

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2 thoughts on “The Formula For Extraordinary Freight Sales Agents


    I am ready for extra ordinary results , that is my well being everything always works out for me.

  2. Terryann Gaston

    Wow… our words are so powerful, they either bring life or death… the Scripture reference to this is in – Proverbs 18:21:
    Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. King James Bible

    Thank you Mr. Keyes, this ties it all together very nicely, for every every area of our lives!


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