How You Follow-Up With Freight Prospects!

How You Follow-Up With Freight Prospects!

Following up with freight prospects is the ONLY way to ensure success in freight sales. Reaching out to prospects for the first time can be challenging, but the bigger challenge is following up with your prospects continually.  Waiting for prospects to get back to you never happens.  It’s your responsibility to follow up and continue contacting them.  If you’re not willing to follow up with prospects, you’ll NEVER achieve success in freight sales.  And how you follow up is what makes you stand out from the crowd.  Here are three ways to follow-up and turn freight prospects into customers.

Text (Easiest & Fastest)

Texting is the best method of follow up because it’s fast and simple.  However, texting is only possible when you have your prospect’s cell number.  It’s up to you to collect and keep track of your prospect’s cell numbers if you want to text.  Texting feels impersonal but it’s a big plus when you address your prospect by name in your message.  A group text to all your prospects is not a good idea.  When texting, always take the time to personalize it.  Mix it up by also texting your picture.  Text messaging is an extremely valuable form of communication because most prospects read every text message they receive.

Email (Most Ineffective & Necessary)

Prospects read every text message they receive, but not the same for email. Prospect’s email inboxes are the equivalent of a physical mailbox full of junk.  Nonetheless, email has its place for follow-up. Email is one of the easiest ways to follow up, but it’s also the most impersonal method of communication. Email is important early in the relationship because it’s your main form of communication down the line when you’re moving your customers’ freight.  You lack a lot of control with email since your message may end up in a spam folder or get lost in the shuffle. But, always end emails with a call to action and your cell number.

Phone (Most Effective & Preferred)

The most effective way to follow up is making a phone call.  Nothing compares when talking to a freight prospect.  With a human voice, you’re a personalized touchpoint in a way that texts and emails can’t compare.  You also get immediate feedback from your prospect.  Call their cell number first if you have it. Call an office number next, then a home number if you have that.

No matter what form you’re using to follow up, do more than just ask open-ended questions like: “How’s it going?”  Instead, ask about the shipping challenges your prospect is having that week.  Remember, the most important part of follow-up is consistency.

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