How To EXPLODE Your Freight Business!

How To EXPLODE Your Freight Business!

Where are you in your freight sales growth and business?  Regardless of where that is, you MUST continually grow your business to survive in this and any marketplace.  So, take heed to these six vital points, apply their essential merits continually, and you’ll see your freight sales business take you to avenues, roads and expressways that you never imagined!

Always Search For New Freight Prospects!

There’s always opportunity to increase your freight business, but you MUST be proactive.  You may have plenty of freight customers right now, however, you’ll eventually lose them for multiple reasons.  ALWAYS look for hidden opportunities.  Search in the nooks and cracks that your competitors aren’t noticing.  Stay vigilant.  Many times, your perfect freight prospect is hiding in plain sight right in front of you.

How Valuable Are You To The Freight Marketplace?

Do you add any value to your freight prospects and customers outside of the load transaction itself?  If not, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.  The fastest path toward moving freight and inspiring loyalty is adding VALUE to the freight marketplace.  So, how can you assist your customers and prospects the best way possible?  Always instill ways to make their lives better and their work easier.  Just being nice is value-adding, and being genuinely kind and friendly are great basic examples to start.

If Prospects Don’t Trust You, They Won’t Use You!

Trust is KEY to every relationship and it’s no different in freight sales.  As a freight sales agent, you must be trustworthy while turning prospects into customers.  Always treat prospects and customers with respect, and be honest with every transaction.

Sales Cycle: 1. Liking Leads To Trusting 2. Trusting Leads To Buying. 3. Buying Leads To Relationships!

As you turn freight prospects into customers, never forget the life cycle of freight sales.  Why will freight prospects use you to move their freight?  It’s all part of a process.  First, they like you. This leads to trust, and trust is key to buying.  Once a freight sale is made, it creates a relationship that continues.  Never attempt to skip right to buying.  Nurture your freight prospects and guide them through this sales cycle for THE best results.

Strangers Have Everything To Grow Your Business!

When you stay in your own little bubble, and only interact with customers you have experience with, you’re not getting far.  To reach new levels of freight sales success, step outside of your comfort zone, and strangers are key to everything you desire.  Prospects you don’t know NOW are your future customers, and strangers know your future prospects and customers as well.  Strangers are the key to streamlining your processes.  If you don’t seek out strangers to grow your business, you and your business are missing out.  Connect with strangers continually and watch your business EXPLODE!

Your Business Won’t Grow Without Growing Sales!

It’s extremely challenging to grow your freight business without positive cash flow.  The key to cash flow and business growth is increasing your freight sales.  Don’t ever get complacent with this vital issue.  The opportunity is always out there in the marketplace.  Seek new freight prospects always.  Use the internet and word of mouth with warm and cold prospecting.  Whatever it takes, just find your customers.  Regardless of the economy, they’re out there, and connecting with them ultimately takes your business to the next level.

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