Establishing Fast Credibility With Freight Prospects

Establishing Fast Credibility With Freight Prospects

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Desire to establish trust with your freight prospects and customers immediately? Then exhibit characteristics that’ll inspire their confidence in you. Your freight prospects will eventually depend on you for your high-quality freight service only when you display that you’re fully capable of their requirements.

To start off, your company information must be correct and easily verifiable. Your initial process for their freight negotiations will be easier as well when you research them and also use other industry facts to reinforce their information. In addition to the required suggestions below, emphasize your friendliness, reliability, punctuality and expertise in those super important beginning stages of building relationships with all your customers and future freight prospects.

Be Authentic

When you speak with prospects, encourage them to feel relaxed and trust you during your initial conversations.  Be prepared to answer all of their questions, and have a tentative proposal, such as a schedule, for their future shipments.  Information about costs, routes and equipment type can be used to reassure your prospects about the authenticity of your freight business.

Be Punctual

Always be punctual and never ever inconvenience a freight prospect. When they encounter too many challenges and issues with your company, you’ll be gone is a heartbeat. The social environment for that initial phase for contract negotiations is extremely important. When you’re punctual in calling, following up, and showing up on time at appointments, then your freight prospects and customers will be convinced that you are, and represent, a reliable freight moving company.

Watch Your Grammar

Your knowledge and expertise are always enhanced by the use of proper grammar – written and verbal. Your freight prospects and customers will typically see your professional image, and the details from your calls and presentations, to form an opinion about your company. The use of proper grammar is a crucial factor for phone conversations and email messages. Always speak slowly during your calls and conversations and check, most important of all, your written email messages for correct spelling, grammar and errors.

Research Your Prospect

Your conversations with prospects and customers will be much more productive when you research them beforehand. Their typical shipment may be a load of pipe on a flatbed, or a load of ovens that require a dry van. They may ship this merchandise to several different distribution centers. Or, their typical shipment may require more than 72 hours, which would indicate that your tractors require a sleeper, and not just day cabs for these shipping lanes. With that information collected, prepare a proposal, call their shipping decision makers, and show them that you have a genuine interest in their success from the start, insuring them taking an interest in you from the start.

Borrow Some Credibility

Customers and prospects are always influenced by your knowledge and expertise. Always provide accurate information about costs, routes and any special precautions such as reefer trailers for protecting a shipment from excessive heat. On time and accurate deliveries can typically be used to facilitate the process for future negotiations. Customers will be encouraged to accept a contract from you if you have used professional skills to provide that accurate and on time information.

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