3 Essentials For Freight Sales Success


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People say successful people are just plain lucky. That they have advantages that most of society doesn’t have. That they have opportunities that aren’t available to most of society as well. People who make these remarks are typically unsuccessful in their endeavors as well.Successful freight sales agents understand that success is a skill like anything else. The skill of success is your ability to do three major things: set goals, stay motivated and stick to a system. When you follow these three essentials, something incredible happens: you get lucky.

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. The more you prepare, the more you take advantage of opportunities when they arise. No matter what your background, no matter how young or old, smart of slow, tall or short, when you follow these three essentials, you can’t help but be successful. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

  1. Set Goals
    • Without knowing your destination or where you’re headed, you’ll never accomplish what you desire.
    • As the saying goes, If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. That’s not a trek to be on. Dr Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho-cybernetics discovered that inside each of our minds is an automatic success mechanism. This refers to the ability of our subconscious mind to direct our focus, thoughts and actions and move us towards our goals. We all have this automatic success mechanism inside us, however, it gets unlocked by setting and working toward a goal. The clearer you are in WHAT you desire and WHY you desire it, the more you’ll have what it is you’re seeking, provided you actually take action steps toward it.
  2. Motivation
    • Motivation is your ability to stay enthused about your goal over the long term. Anyone can get motivated about a new goal, but the challenge is to stay motivated over the weeks, months and even years it will take to achieve your largest and most important goals. Motivation is largely about finding your WHY. Why do you desire success in the freight sales profession? To give your family the life you never had? To support your parents in their old age? To stop living paycheck to paycheck? Once you find out your WHY, your motivation is unlocked.
    • Motivation is also coupled with discipline. Motivation gets you going while discipline keeps you growing! You won’t feel motivated every day, so you’ll have to exercise discipline daily in order to…
  3. Stick To A System
    • Once you know WHAT you want, then set your goals, then unlock your motivation by discovering your WHY, the final piece of the puzzle is sticking to a successful and proven system.
    • With our highly productive freight sales team, we have a system that involves:
      • Contacting Your Prospects
      • Following Up With Your Prospects
      • Continue Following Up With Your Prospects

You become successful on our team, when you learn, apply and stick to our system. This is your successful path – our freight sales system on which to operate. Without this correct system, you won’t achieve the success you desire in this profession. It doesn’t matter how motivated you are.

If you run west looking for a sunrise, it’s going to take you a long time to see one!

Our system is simple. We search for shipping decision makers and build business relationships with them. After they know us and trust us, we provide solutions to their challenges of shipping their freight. When you follow this process every single day, you can’t help but get onto our leaderboard as a successful freight sales agent.

When you follow these three essentials for freight sales success, you’ll be astonished at how quickly you ship more freight, climb our leaderboard and achieve all your financial and business goals!

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