How You Eliminate Freight Sales Excuses!

How You Eliminate Freight Sales Excuses!

“That prospect never returns my calls.”

“We can’t match my freight customer’s prices.”

“I am so busy servicing my existing customers that I don’t have time to prospect.”

Do these sound like you’ve heard them before?  If you’re like most freight sales agents, you’ve uttered at least one of these, or something like it, at some point. These are all excuses and you must STOP using them.

Excuses are the biggest enemy of productivity and success that you’ll ever encounter. Why?  Because they come from within.  They’re like an objection you’re giving yourself. So, it’s time to banish excuses once and for all.  Here’s how.

Realize That Excuses Never Improve Your Situation

Freight sales is a simple profession when you get right down to it.  Not easy, yet simple. You sell something, you make money. You don’t sell, you don’t make money.  Since you must make money, you must sell.  Making excuses is just giving yourself permission to not make money.  And when the bills must be paid at the end of the month, you’re going to wish you hadn’t given yourself permission to not make money.

Make A List Of Excuses You Say On A Regular Basis

Every time you find yourself using an excuse, write it down.  Add to your list the excuses you hear other people say as well.  Someday, you may find yourself saying those as well.  Let’s face it, you hear the same ones over and over, so highlight those, but include the unique and original excuses too.

Go Over Your List And Take Responsibility For It

Like objections, excuses are a way to escape your responsibility for making the sale. If you want to stop making excuses, you must accept your responsibility for making the sale. Look at each excuse on your list and find a way to overcome it, just as you would an objection.  Take responsibility for that situation, power through it, and make the sale.

Take the freight prospect who doesn’t return your calls, for example. There are other ways to reach this prospect.  Send an email.  Send a good old-fashioned letter, complete with a stamp.  Humor and creativity can go a long way.  Sending a small gift or package to your prospect with a funny note can break the ice as well.

If your excuse is that your freight service prices are too high, you have two options: Lower your price, or Get your prospect to pay the price you’re asking.  Think of creative ways to lower the price for this prospect.  Perhaps they’ll consider a longer shipping time which allows you to use a less expensive method of transport.  Or, you can sell on something else other than price, like your exemplary service or safety record.

For each excuse on your list, come up with a way to take responsibility for it.  The next time you use that excuse, stop yourself and approach the challenge in a new way.  Before long, you’ll have banished those excuses from your vocabulary and you’ll have the sales results, and income, to show for it.

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