Fast & Easy Guidelines For Quoting Freight Rates

Fast & Easy Guidelines For Quoting Freight Rates

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Moving freight successfully requires you to quote competitive freight rates.At this point, you’ve attentively listened to your prospect and their requirements. You’re now in a position to solve their challenges by actually shipping their freight. In order to win their business, you must quote them a rate.

This can be intimidating for many freight agents as it can seem complex and overwhelming – especially when you’re new to the business.

Here are six vital guidelines for quoting freight rates. Apply them today to start growing your freight business!

  1. Prospects & Customers Continually Request Freight Rates
    • Prospects and customers will continually request freight rates from you. That’s why you must master this skill. You’ll require it constantly!
  2. You MUST Quote Rates Every Time They’re Requested
    • You must quote rates EVERY time they’re requested. There’s rarely a time when you get to refuse this request. Sometimes you’ll receive an email where a prospect is requesting a rate. However, you can see that you’re one of 50 people that they’ve sent the same email to! Even in these circumstances, ALWAYS quote a rate when requested. (On a side note, most freight agents won’t reply to these emails, so there’ll only be a 5-10% response rate with them.)
  3. You MUST Quote Rates To Gain & Keep Their Business
    • A customer will not take you seriously until you get a load of theirs picked up and delivered successfully. Once you do this successfully, they’ll give you their attention, trust and respect.


  4. You MUST Master THIS Skill To Gain Success In The Industry
    • Your income and success in this industry is determined, not by what part of the problem solving process you’re BEST at, but part of the process you’re WORST at. For example, no matter how good you are at leaving telephone messages, if you can’t get a prospect telling you about their freight, you don’t have a chance of success in this industry. The same is true with quoting freight rates. If you don’t effectively quote rates, then you won’t climb our leaderboard. It doesn’t matter how good you are at all the other parts of this profession. If you don’t quote rates effectively, you won’t move any loads.
  5. Freight Rates Vary For ALL Freight Lanes Across The US & Canada
    • Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as $1 or $1.50 for every mile traveled. EVERY freight lane is different. The carriers know this so you won’t be able to get away with just making up numbers when quoting your rates.
  6. Use The Formula In My “Freight Sales Success Guide” To Obtain ALL Your Freight Rates
    • There are certain pieces of information you’ll always require. You must get this information EVERY single time to quote a rate:
      • The city of pick up
      • The city of delivery
      • The pick-up date
      • The delivery date
      • The weight of load
      • The trailer type
      • The trailer length

Then there’s information that you must get yourself:

  • Miles between pickup city and drop off city
  • Starting pay

You obtain the start pay by using the ‘start pay calculator’ in my “Freight Sales Success Guide” that you receive after becoming one of our top notch freight sales agents. The Guide is also available for individual purchase as well.

Follow these 6 guidelines spelled out in greater detail in my Freight Sales Success Store and you’ll be better at quoting rates than 90% of the freight sales agents in the marketplace. Pick one guideline and practice it today!

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