Why You Don’t Wait For Perfection!

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When Waiting For Perfection, You’ll End Up With Nothing!

Striving to do your best is always a good thing, but it’s important to not take this too far. When you wait until you’ve achieved freight sales perfection, you’re not going to make any connections. Waiting until something is perfect means it’s never going to happen at all. Push for freight sales excellence, but recognize that perfection is an impossible goal.

Great Levels of Attention Always Creates Criticism!

When you expend time and effort to achieve freight sales excellence, there will always be criticism. It’s a fact that great levels of attention always breed criticism. When this happens to you, accept and even celebrate it. When criticism comes due to your hard work, success, and attention to detail, consider it a badge of honor. Pour energy and caring attention into all you do despite the resulting criticism.

Handling Disappointment Determines Your Future Results!

Dealing with disappointment and failure is one of the most important skills to master. Nobody typically likes these. Yet, they’re inevitable. It’s important to take a hit, get up and keep moving forward. When you handle disappointment well now, your future results are much stronger. When you get mired down in feeling bad, you’re stuck and your future results will be poor. Brush yourself off, learn from it, and keep moving forward!

If Prospects Are Easy To Talk To, Then They Talk To Everybody!

When freight prospects are easy to talk to, and put you on their freight list right away, then everybody is talking to them, which increases competition. This doesn’t mean you ignore these freight prospects. It does mean there’s better opportunity elsewhere. Go after freight prospects that aren’t as easy to get to and you’ll have less competition.

You’re Going To Get Strong, Or You’re Going To Get Gone!

“Go hard or go home.” This applies to your freight sales business as well. When you don’t get strong, you’re going to get gone! You must always push for excellence. You also must be strong to manage the ups and downs that come your way in this profession. When you’re not strong enough to handle criticism or failure, you won’t get anywhere.

You’ll Never Be Perfect So Get Over It!

Striving for perfection comes with many good qualities, such as paying attention to detail. But it also holds you back. You can have high standards and do great things without being perfect. It’s vital to let go of the idea of being perfect in your freight sales profession. Get over it and accept that achieving excellence, short of perfection, is more than good enough.

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