Don’t Settle For Good Enough!

Don’t Settle For Good Enough!

When Calling Prospects and Customers:

Always Put In That Little Extra!

Always make the phone call instead of sending out the email.  A call beats an email every time.  Do that little extra and never settle for average or just good enough.  If you’re going to be successful in this profession, it’s not because you were good enough.  It’s because you continually put in that little extra.

If You Must Doubt Anything, Doubt Your Limitations!

Don’t doubt the probabilities.  Don’t doubt thinking that you’re not good enough.  If anything, doubt your limitations.  When you start doubting your limitations, your actual talents and skills will start shining.  Stop listening to the lies in your head.  Just throw them aside, pick up the phone and make the calls.

Just Do It & Do It Now!

Just do it. Not only just do it, but do it now!  If you’re going to get any type of results in anything you do, you have to exert energy and effort.  The freight sales profession is no different, and it’s all going to be commensurate on the amount of effort and skill that you put in it.

You’ll Never Be Rejected Again When You Pinpoint Something Positive from Every Call!

Every call that you make, whether good or bad, stop thinking about the mistakes or the errors that you made.  I guarantee you that something positive came out of the call.  If there’s one thing positive that you did, it’s that you picked up the phone, you made the phone call, and you actually spoke to somebody. Every call you make is going to stretch your skill level.  You’ll eventually start developing the positive skills required for success in this profession!

Your Sales Rewards Are In Direct Proportion To What You Wager!

Your sales rewards are in direct proportion to what you put out there in the marketplace.  It’s the faith that you have in yourself to pick up the phone and take the risk of getting an objection, or of getting rejected.  You won’t gain any rewards if you don’t wager anything.  As you put more out there in the marketplace, your skills increase, your wagers become bigger, and your rewards become larger – it’s that simple!

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