How To Diversify Your Freight Prospects!

If you truly desire success as a freight agent, you must continually grow your freight business.  To do that, you must diversify your freight prospects and customers.  Your prospects must be in different industries.  You want large prospects and small prospects.  You want prospects that ship a few times a year, and others that ship loads every week.  Diversifying is the best way to build your freight business.  Here are four great ways to diversify your freight prospects.

Always Contact Your Power Base

Your power base consists of your longtime relationships in and out of your freight business.  It includes individuals who may not do business with you directly, but refers others to you.  These are individuals you want to be in touch with on a regular basis.  No matter how good your relationship is, depend on your power base to recommend you when they’re talking about freight services to others.  Everybody gets busy, so stay in touch with your power base, so you stay top of their mind.

Always Ask Customers For More Freight

It’s nice when you have customers that come to you every time they require a certain type of shipment.  You worked hard to get them as a customer, so it may feel as though you’re done ‘selling’ them.  This could not be further from the truth.  Every time you talk to a customer, ask them about their other shipments.  It may be a different product line, or a different warehouse location.  It may be a product they use or sell for a different company.  You never know when a new opportunity comes up, but even your best customers may not think of you unless you ask for other freight.  You asked for that first load.  So, keep asking for their other loads!

Always Contact Inactive Customers

Every freight agent loses customers, sometimes through no fault of their own.  It could be that their customer’s business expanded to the point where they brought their freight service in-house with the purchase of their own trucks.  Or, they stopped shipping overseas.  Or, the son-in-law of the owner went to work for a competitor and all the business went to him.  Whatever the reason, these customers stopped being customers. They’ll only become customers again when you stay in touch with them, and you’re the first freight agent they think of when they’re in a bind.

 Always Convert Unsold Prospects

There’s no such thing as a former prospect.  You must keep in touch with all your prospects, no matter how long ago you contacted them.  You don’t want to hound them, but a friendly call or email every week is your goal.  Even if they don’t become a customer, they may know someone who could use your freight services and refer you.  By casting the widest possible net, you’ll come in with the greatest number of fish.  Prospect’s circumstances change.  So, always stay in touch with those who haven’t bought from you – yet!

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