Desire To Become A Freight Sales Agent?

Desire To Become A Freight Sales Agent?

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My main goal is to teach you how to move more freight efficiently, effectively and effortlessly so you make more money financially.  After all, that’s the main reason individuals get into this profession, and that is, to achieve their financial goals.  Believe me, big money can be made here.  If you’re hungry, ambitious and hardworking, you can make upwards of 4 figures a week – sometimes five!  You’ve must put in the time and effort to do it, however!

Taking the REQUIRED steps to live your dreams will always cost you.  This profession will cost you time, effort and money.  It takes time to place calls and build relationships with prospects. It takes effort to work hard each day and keep your attitude strong.  Also, making phone calls and printing out documents isn’t free, so it also takes money.  You’ll have to work hard and make sacrifices to keep growing, learning, progressing and changing.  This is the main reason I ask you to join me on My Tuesday Conference Call!  Each week, I share a wide variety of tactics to grow your freight business.  Go to: for information.

The Main Question: Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Most individuals won’t.  There’s a high failure rate in the freight sales profession because most people won’t do what’s required to be successful.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to become a successful freight sales agent?”

Brian Tracy, who has written a wide variety of top selling books on the topic of selling (including The Psychology Of Selling), says that the ability to commit yourself to your profession, and committing to becoming the very best at it, is the starting point of all great success.

He also says that if you don’t love your profession enough to become the very best at it, then get out of it the way you’d get out of a burning building.  If you’re not serious about this profession and just want to “Give it a shot”, then it’s not for you.  Once you’re committed to becoming an outstanding freight sales agent, the next step then is to take massive action.

That Brings Us To My RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Which Is:

  • Get 3 new emails and phone numbers EACH DAY.
  • Add those to your contact list.
  • Communicate with your list.
  • Email weekly via my email.
  • follow up with 10 prospects every day.

Remember, this recipe is a MINIMUM for what you must do each day.  Every action you take beyond this is an investment in your future, and then you radically increase your probability of success.  Getting 3 new contacts a day is easy! You can absolutely get this done! There’s no reason why you can’t obtain 6 or even 9 per day to start.  When you stick to this recipe, you’re going to have more freight moving and make more money.  It’s that simple!

Here’s What Happens To Freight Sales Agents Who Aren’t Committed:

They initially follow the guidelines in my Recipe For Success.  They bring in a few customers and move their freight.  Then, they decide to coast. They sit back, relax, and think: “Moving freight is easy!”

The reality is: All of your customers are going to leave you at some point. If you aren’t constantly bringing in new customers to your business, you’re losing customers!  This is when things go downhill.  Here’s what happens to uncommitted freight agents short term: They cover three loads a day, then two, then one, then zero. Then, they conclude: “This doesn’t work”.

The super successful freight sales agents continue to build their contact lists Daily and over time.  This process never ends.  Call me at 323-697-5490 to get started building your successful freight sales business today!

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