How You Court Freight Prospects & Customers!

The best analogy for approaching freight prospects and building a relationship with them is the same as starting a courtship. The way you approach someone you’re interested in romantically, and the way you treat this person as you get to know them is a mirror for the way we approach freight prospects as well.  Approach these relationships in a similar way, just exclude the romance!

Cover All The Basics                                               

Set your freight service as the highest standard possible and hold yourself to that high standard daily.  Always strive to provide the absolute maximum value to your customers.  Your daily goal is to make it easy for them.  Reach out to find out what they require and then provide it.  Always respond to prospects and customers immediately when they request anything.  If you don’t, then you’re just a run of the mill, average freight sales agent like everybody else!

Make Sure Your Customer Experience Is Exceptional By Creating Systems Around It

The best way to provide service of the highest quality is to create and utilize existing systems.  This is a great way to be organized and efficient while providing tremendous service.  When your logistics are running smoothly, your customers will see an orderly operation where things work as expected.  Good systems let you provide great service and an optimal customer experience.

Sweat The Small Stuff With Your Best Customers

Although courting your new prospects is important, it’s vital to give maximum attention to those customers you already have.  Pay attention to the little details.  Find opportunities to connect more with these customers and then provide exceptional service.  Use surveys to find out how your customers feel and what you can do to improve.  Take the time to send these customers holiday cards or even a note celebrating important milestones like the anniversary of your first load.  These little details pay off in big ways.

Provide Unexpected Benefits With A Level Customers

Keep your best customers on the inside track by keeping them informed of new or different benefits you have coming up.  If you’re offering a new freight service, give your A level customers a call directly and tell them about it.

Remember That It’s Far Less Expensive To Service Your Existing Customers Than To Find New Ones

Keeping your existing customers happy saves both time and money because it takes  much MORE time and money to find new ones.  Do everything possible to continue courting your existing customers.  When existing customers are happy with your exceptional service, they’ll often sell your services for you.  Referrals from existing customers can be one of the best ways to find new customers, with little to no effort or cost on your part.  When you provide exceptional service by covering the basics, using systems, sweating the small stuff, and providing unexpected benefits, your best customers will sell your freight services directly to new customers for you!

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