Correct These Mistakes Approaching Freight Prospects

Are you struggling in your freight sales business?  If so, it’s almost certain that you’re creating mistakes in the way you approach your freight prospects.  Correct these five mistakes and you’ll see those positive results coming from your freight sales prospecting.

Approaching Freight Prospects Based On Title

Pursue freight prospects that are in the position to make the freight and shipping decisions. Pursue the individual who’s the shipping decision maker.  Rather than focusing on titles, go after prospects that require your shipping solutions.  

Skipping Your Required Initial Research

Research is vital.  You must be fully prepared before talking to a freight prospect.  If you want to show a prospect how valuable you are, you must know what they require and how you can assist them.  Never go in blindly.  When you know about their company, you can talk to them with credibility on your side.

Making Calls And Sending Emails Cold

Cold calls and cold emails aren’t effective.  After all, what do you do with unsolicited emails that show up in your inbox, or calls you don’t recognize?  Most freight prospects ignore them.  Instead of cold calling or cold emailing, connect with a freight prospect online over a shared interest, for example.  As they become aware of you, and what you do, they’ll reach out to you.

Sticking With A Sales Script

A sales script is useful, especially for a freight sales beginner.  However, scripts become stale and lifeless, and must only be your framework.  You must be flexible and respond to what you’re hearing back from your prospects, but reading a script word-for-word is obvious, and won’t lead to great results.  Freight prospects are different, with their requirements and challenges.  You must be flexible to best serve your prospects.  Use a script as a starting point only.  Then, personalize your communication based on your prospect’s specific situations and communication cues beyond that.

 Following Up Without A Specific Purpose

When you follow up, you must provide value.  A follow-up conversation is pointless unless you have something to offer.  This requires specificity.  Enter your follow-up conversation with a specific purpose in mind.  You may think that making a call to check in and ask: “Is there anything I can assist you with this week?” is a worthwhile approach, but it only annoys your prospect.  Instead, ask a specific question as an avenue to provide value.  For example, ask specific freight challenges your prospect is encountering that week.  Then, provide value by offering your assistance.

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