10 Most Common Freight Sales Objections Your Prospects Give You

10 Most Common Freight Sales Objections Your Prospects Give You

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It is a simple fact of selling – your prospects may mount objections to what you’re offering. These are not always rejections. They’re defensive postures the prospect mounts when you approach them initially or in a way they’re not accustomed to.You can consider them as signs that your approach to them isn’t working and requires adjustment. In some cases, their objections are insurmountable meaning our service is simply not a good fit for your prospects’ requirements.

In other cases, you can take the objections into account and formulate a successful approach that focuses on solving your prospect’s problems.

Here are some of the most common objections you’re likely to encounter when prospecting:

(1) “We’re real slow right now”

When I started out, I got this objection almost every time I prospected someone. This may be a sign of resistance to your approach and continued dialogue and follow-ups will help to overcome this objection.

(2) “We’re not looking for new agents or brokers right now”

This means “we’re content with who’s moving our freight right now.” There’s not much you can do currently for these prospects except to continue to connect and follow-up with them.

(3) “We’re happy with our contacts right now”

This means they’re happy with who they have moving their freight now. However, they may not be in the near future. Be friendly with them so when they become unhappy, they’ll remember you.

(4) “We have our own trucks to ship our products”

There’s not much you can do with this objection, but it doesn’t mean they won’t from time-to-time require other agents to ship for them. You can follow-up with these – persistence is a requirement.

(5) “We only used asset-based carriers, not brokers”

You’ll receive this objection from multinational corporations like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is specific with their shipping needs: to be a carrier with them, you must have a minimum of 50 trucks. However, Wal-Mart still uses brokers who have the ability to connect with asset-based carriers.

(6) “We only use _____ freight service”

This objection means that the company only uses or has contracted a specific carrier or broker to move their freight.

(7) “We only ship boxes, packages, or crates”

These prospects are good to let go because we don’t specialize or move these types of shipments. We leave this to the specialists at UPS or FedEx.

(8) “All of our freight is set up by our customers”

This means the company leaves freight scheduling to their customers only. It’s usually time to move on if you hear this, but you can ask if they’ll tell you who their customers are. If your prospect is willing to give you this information, get ready to write it down fast.

(9) “We’re already working with your company”

If so, tell them you’re delighted to hear that and ask them which freight agent they’re currently working with. You can use this to verify that it is indeed our company that they’re working with.

(10) “I don’t have time, call me back next week”

Some of these objections are insurmountable – they happen to experienced freight agents as well. Our services simply don’t match a requirement of your prospect at that time. Others are a sign that your approach requires some adjustment.

The more you understand these objections, the easier it becomes to deal with them and not take them personally.

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5 thoughts on “10 Most Common Freight Sales Objections Your Prospects Give You

    1. John MacKay

      Interesting let’s see objection 1 Slow now, answer I hope its not like that all of the time is it? Ans no
      That’s good who is responsible for overall budgets in this company ? You have the wrong contact in this scenario if the company really is slow the controller or President will be very happy to look at ways to save money with lowered DISTRIBUTION COST SAVINGS.

      2 Not looking for brokers right now again probably a junior contact ask how many different companies do you use now? Remember that a carrier list of over 10 to15 costs a fortune to line up, monitor all the different
      suppliers, 15 different invoices and pricing systems. If you feel the account is worth the time go to the Controller, CFO or maybe even owner or President you will see that one of their mandates is to save money.
      Show that person the value and savings of using you only or at least you and one or 2 others.

      3. This contact is not involved in the decision at all learn who is and what they are looking to do in transportation and distribution then show the real decision maker how your service will do just that.
      You are being brushed off here.

      4. Own fleet, unless you sell a dedicated or fleet service move on this account is not qualified and does not need your service enough to justify the cost of you calling more than once.

      5. WE only use asset based carriers, yes walmart and similar love this one. ask why? if the client says carriers are closed looped not necessarily true as they use beyond partners as well. The point here is that you show how you will get their product from one point to delivery in the same condition that it left. Why is a client that concerned. The fact here except for the big retailers this is not the real reason, as in most objection cases the first objection is not the issue and the first pain point is not the real pain point.

      6. I only use ? yes there is probably a contract here, who negotiated the contract I bet it is not who you are speaking with. Why do they use the one carrier? How often does your inventory turn a year? You don’t know who in the company handles that? What kind of person are they. will you introduce me on the way out?
      If yes set a time with the finance person look at what the corporate objectives are and discuss how you can
      rework the supply chain to save massive internal costs. I sold then bonded with a 7 million dollar account that became friends and the distribution vice president became a mentor. Move upstairs and give that group what they need.

      7. If you do not have this service ask the prospect if they know anyone in their circles that does utilize your type of service ask them to call for you while you are there., If yes there is a referred lead if no ask if you can call and use their name.

      8. Freight setup by customers. I love this one. There will be a countless number of carriers and suppliers going in and out of this company creating massive and costly headaches upstairs. In your spare time ask how many times the inventory turns a year? How many hours and staff are tracing shipments? and ask this prospect what their perfect order ratio is? You will then end up in finance again. Ask if this company would like to turn transport into a new profit center. By using you to move all of the ships in and out lots of buying power comes to your client. Now there is only one group to trace track saving time and money. Only one invoice is coming in. Have the client markup your pricing by 15% to their client, 5% will cover any inside costs and the other 10% is the new profit center. Presidents and Vice Presidents love new 10% profit centers and will know many others that love this too.

      9.already with our company thank-you, are we ok., would you know anyone who would appreciate what you just told me? would they like our service do you think? who comes to mind? would you mind calling them now? NO can I call and use your name?

      10. No time no problem when can we speak next week tuesday thursday? book a time? is there anything special you would like to discuss. OK I will send you an e-mail with my contact information before our meeting if you have any questions please contact me directly. Thank-you.

      In over 80% of selling I like to look at what our service will do for the client organizationally. Can we simplify their shipping systems. In a high value product can we speed up service to shorten the business cycle.
      I have sold and managed sales in transportation and logistics for over 20 years. I love helping people which is why I currently work with a great crew at Silver Fox Accounting.

  1. Ted Post author

    Your response to any of these objections above is:

    “When you ever have to search for another truck,
    Do you keep your options open to other carriers?
    Yes? What’s your email to send you my info?”

  2. Ivy Baker

    This is some really good information about freight shipping. I liked that you talked about how this can be used even if you just ship small packages. It does seem like a good idea to be creative when you are trying to be a freight broker.


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