How You Commit To Freight Sales!

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Freight sales is not a get-rich-quick profession.  Although it’s possible to make great money as a freight sales agent, but you must put in the work to get there.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Running a marathon requires consistent training over time and completing a marathon comes with a great feeling of reward and a sense of accomplishment.  The same is true with freight sales. When you make the decision to commit to freight sales, and then put in consistent work over time, the rewards are great!

Make The Decision To Commit

You must start by making the decision to commit yourself to the profession.  If you’re looking for something quick and easy, then stop now.  You must give it your all.  Once you make that decision to do what it takes and not give up, you’re halfway there.

Put In Consistent Follow-Up Work

Unless an ad truly gets attention, it rarely makes an impression the first time we see it.  It can take five, ten, twenty or more impressions before we recognize it, remember it, consider making a purchase, and then following through.  Most freight sales agents will give up after 1-3 contacts with a freight prospect. When you commit to freight sales, you’re committing to not stopping after three calls. You must stick with it for the long haul.

Most of your sales will happen between your 5th and your 12th contact with a freight prospect.  You may move a load after your first few calls, but the majority of agents require more calls.  For some, it’ll take more than 12 contacts.  The key is to make an impression on your prospects and provide value.

During your first few points of contact with prospects, you’re building name recognition and familiarity.  After a few more calls, the shipping decision maker will start remembering who you are.  After a few more calls, you’ll firmly make an impression.  The shipping decision maker will start recognizing that you’re providing value just by your persistence.  By providing significant value before you have a working relationship, you’re showing your prospects that you have something to offer.  You’re showing them that you’re committed and serious.

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you’re committed and willing to follow through by putting in consistent effort over time, then you can and will succeed in this profession.  It won’t be instantaneous, but it will happen.  Even after you start having success, the consistent work still must be put in.  You must keep turning new prospects into customers while keeping your existing customers happy.  Following through with prospects is key.  Never stop after a few calls!  Resolve to do what it takes and never quit.

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