Be The Celebrity In Your Freight Sales Market!

Be The Celebrity In Your Freight Sales Market!

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Motivational statements can be a great way to get fired up and encourage you to make positive changes.  They won’t do much for you if you don’t put them to work, however.  Here are several great motivational statements that will assist you to boost your success in freight sales, as long as you apply them. Put these up in a spot in your office where you see them every day.  Then, put them into action in your freight sales profession!

Be The Power House In Your Freight Market Where Your Name Is Synonymous With What You Do!

When you talk about looking something up on a search engine, you say you’re going to Google it. When you must blow your nose, you say that you require a Kleenex. These are a few examples of brands that have become fully synonymous with their purpose. This must be your goal as well. When freight prospects in your market think of freight agents, your name must come to mind!

Be The Celebrity In Your Freight Market Where Your Name Is Synonymous With What You Do!

Same as making your name synonymous with what you do, another goal is to be the celebrity in your freight market.  Be the freight sales agent who excites and engages, the one who everyone is talking about. The goal, of course, is to have a positive celebrity status and not the tabloid scandal we’re all aware of.  You’ll achieve that celebrity status by becoming the best freight sales agent in your market specialty.

Consider It Unethical To Not Live Up To Your Full POTENTIAL!

There are many actions that you don’t do because they’re unethical.  Cheating and stealing are great examples.  How would your behavior change if you knew that it was unethical to not live up to your full potential?  Don’t settle for good enough or average.  Be the absolute best freight sales agent you’re capable of, and hold yourself accountable.

 Decide What You Want. Then NEVER LOWER Your TARGET!

Setting goals is the first step, however, you must then commit to the goals you set.  Once you’ve set your target, hold firm and don’t ever lower your expectations.  You can even push past the target, but never convince yourself that it’s okay to lower your standards.

When You Provide Average Service, You Won’t Be Referred!

Good enough may feel like a comfortable place to be for now.  But, it never works out in the end.  Don’t settle for good enough by providing just average service.  If your desire is to be referred again and again to more freight prospects, you must consistently provide outstanding service to the freight customers you have now.

If Your Customer Isn’t Thinking About You FIRST, Then You’re Going To Be LAST!

One of your main goals is to always have your name be the first one that a freight customer and prospect considers.  If that’s not the case, you’re going to end up last by a lot of metrics.  You don’t want customers and prospects to turn to you as a last resort.  Provide outstanding service so your name is automatically in your freight customer’s and prospect’s mind at all times.

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