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How Retreating Back Creates Freight Sales!

Everyone retreats backward at some point in their life.  However, going back will never get you to your freight goals. It’s true in relationships, personal goals, and absolutely true in freight sales.

Retreating Backward is choosing to not take action in order to avoid what you feel is a negative experience.  So, how does retreating backwards create freight sales? It doesn’t, nor will it ever! 



Retreating Backward Never Gets You To Your Goal

There are 4 Categories Of Actions In Freight Sales:

Doing Nothing = Always Leads To Failure

RETREATING BACKWARD = Always Leads To Failure

Average Action = Just Getting By

Massive Action = “My Secret Formula” (10 times what you think the norm is)

Some Freight Sales Actions Aren’t Fruitful

When this happens, does it make you stop and retreat backward? Does it make you not repeat those same actions again?

Retreating Backward Won’t Solve Your Challenges

EVERYONE does this at some point in their life. It’s natural to choose avoidance when you’ve been rejected or face an obstacle.

We Learned Early How To Retreat

We’ve all learned how to retreat backward from a very young age. This messaging is deeply ingrained into our psyches. Just think of what you heard repeatedly as a child:

  • “Don’t Touch That!”
  • “Be Careful!”
  • “Get Out Of There!”
  • “Stop Fighting!”
  • “Don’t Talk To Strangers.”
  • “No!”

You already know how to retreat backward and you do it naturally.  It’s not surprising that you tend to repeat this pattern as a freight sales agent. This is especially true because freight sales is all about talking to strangers and facing down the threat of a NO.

And retreating is already a natural reaction, but you also get further encouragement to retreat backward from coworkers, family members, friends, and society. It’s already easy to retreat backward and it only gets easier when you’re being encouraged by others to retreat.

Examples Of Retreating Backward

 Retreating is a universal experience.

“The stock market sucks. I’m never investing in that again.” — retreat!

“Most marriages fail. I’m staying single.” — retreat!

“The job market is terrible. No one is hiring. I’m filing for unemployment.” — retreat!

“I can’t control the outcome of the election. I’m not even going to vote!” – retreat!

 And In Freight Sales: 

“I get too many objections from shipping managers. Nobody will talk to me”— retreat!

Do you see this same mentality play out in freight sales? Do you just give up at the first sign of an obstacle?

Advance Despite The Fear Of Failure

Your top goal is to ignore the messaging you’re getting from others and ignore your own natural tendency to retreat.  Remember that retreating is a choice you’re making. Refuse to make that choice which will never get you to your goals.  Refuse to quit.  Refuse to go backward.  Keep moving forward!  You must go on the offensive, face down the fear, and continuously move forward.

Have What It Takes To Score BIG!

Have What It Takes To Score BIG!

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Do you know when most freight agents quit?  Right before they reach their goals!  They may not know how close they are, but they quit when they’re almost there.  Don’t be one of these freight agents!  Always assume that you’re on that ten-yard line.  This is the time to dig in, believe that you have what it takes to score, and go for it!  The key is not to give up.  Even if it turns out you were really on the twenty-yard line, perseverance always gets you to your goal.


Switch: “I Failed” To: “I Learned What Not To Do Again!”

There’s nothing as demoralizing as failure.  But, what if you framed your “failures” differently? Every so-called failure is really a learning opportunity.  Change the way you think of it.  Instead of saying that you failed, acknowledge what you learned and what to do differently next time.  Then, celebrate it!  You’re not celebrating failure.  You’re celebrating a key lesson learned that will assist you to succeed next time.

Mistakes Are Learning Experiences You Don’t Repeat!

Making mistakes is the best thing you do on your way to freight sales success. Mistakes aren’t failures. Rather, they’re learning opportunities. When you make mistakes, use those experiences as lessons, and never repeat them again. Making mistakes is one of THE most effective ways to learn.

No Risk, No Nothing!

Risk can be scary.  What if it doesn’t pay off?  What if you end up worse off?  What if you fail?  However, without risk, you’re going to get exactly nowhere.  Without risk, there’s no opportunity for reward.  No risk, no nothing!  Starting a freight sales business has risk.  Once you’ve begun, there are more risks to take, and there are risks to achieving massive success.  So, get acquainted with risk!

You Won’t Move Freight Until You’re Known!

Freight sales success requires you to get out in the freight marketplace.  If you think you’ll attract leads without reaching for them, you’re going nowhere. You must make yourself known!  When freight prospects know you, and associate you with excellence, your prospects snowball and you have plenty of freight loads. Take the first step and make yourself known!

There Are Few People Willing To Put Forth Effort! Where Are You?

Making progress always takes work, and you’d be surprised how many freight agents aren’t willing to make the effort. It’s a simple equation. Where are you right now? Where do you desire to be? Figure out the difference between the two. Be among the few who’ll put forth the effort to get there.

How You Assist Your Freight Prospects

How You Assist Your Freight Prospects

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To increase your freight sales, start viewing your profession differently. Most freight sales agents tell their prospects about their freight service first. Although it’s important to know the features of your freight service, it’s much more important to know how your service provides solutions to prospects’ pain and shipping challenges. EXPLODE your freight sales by assisting your freight prospects first, instead of selling them.

Qualify Your Freight Prospects First

Are you talking to individuals who don’t require your freight service?  If so, you’re wasting your time and theirs.  The same goes for approaching the correct individual at the companies that you’re calling.  Talk to the shipping decision maker – the one who makes the shipping decisions, and make sure they require what you’re offering.  Again,  if you don’t, you’re wasting your time and theirs.

Then Uncover Your Freight Prospect’s Pain

Your main priority in contacting shipping decision makers is to identify their pain points, and demonstrate how you can alleviate them.  To do this, ask your prospect the series of questions that I lay out on my Sales Call Information Sheet, in my Freight Sales Success Guide, for sale in my Freight Sales Success Store at  Also, ask about your competitor’s shortcomings, and discuss how your freight service can solve their nagging shipping issues.

Finally Demonstrate Your Freight Service

Once you’ve uncovered your freight prospect’s pain, and they give you the opportunity to move their valuable freight, now show how your service far surpasses what your new customer was experiencing prior to you showing up.  Show directly in ways where your service is superior, whether it’s speed, price, security, or any issue they deem important.

And Follow Up With Freight Prospects – ALWAYS

The most important step in the freight sales process is following up with prospects.  When prospects say: “They have to think about it” or “They have to talk to someone else” or “They’re not ready to make a decision” ask when you can follow up with them – and then do it!  Following up, when you say you will, is the easiest part of the sale, however, it’s the most neglected.  When you follow up diligently, you have the advantage over most freight sales agents.  Why?  Because most freight sales agents don’t follow up with their prospects.  Remember: Follow Up – Always!

Why You Don’t Wait For Perfection!

Why You Don’t Wait For Perfection!

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6 More Motivators To Take In And Take Action On.

They’ll Take You To Your Next Freight Sales Level!

When Waiting For Perfection, You’ll End Up With Nothing!

Striving to do your best is always a good thing, but it’s important to not take this too far. When you wait until you’ve achieved freight sales perfection, you’re not going to make any connections. Waiting until something is perfect means it’s never going to happen at all. Push for freight sales excellence, but recognize that perfection is an impossible goal.

Great Levels of Attention Always Creates Criticism!

When you expend time and effort to achieve freight sales excellence, there will always be criticism. It’s a fact that great levels of attention always breed criticism. When this happens to you, accept and even celebrate it. When criticism comes due to your hard work, success, and attention to detail, consider it a badge of honor. Pour energy and caring attention into all you do despite the resulting criticism.

Handling Disappointment Determines Your Future Results!

Dealing with disappointment and failure is one of the most important skills to master. Nobody typically likes these. Yet, they’re inevitable. It’s important to take a hit, get up and keep moving forward. When you handle disappointment well now, your future results are much stronger. When you get mired down in feeling bad, you’re stuck and your future results will be poor. Brush yourself off, learn from it, and keep moving forward!

If Prospects Are Easy To Talk To, Then They Talk To Everybody!

When freight prospects are easy to talk to, and put you on their freight list right away, then everybody is talking to them, which increases competition. This doesn’t mean you ignore these freight prospects. It does mean there’s better opportunity elsewhere. Go after freight prospects that aren’t as easy to get to and you’ll have less competition.

You’re Going To Get Strong, Or You’re Going To Get Gone!

“Go hard or go home.” This applies to your freight sales business as well. When you don’t get strong, you’re going to get gone! You must always push for excellence. You also must be strong to manage the ups and downs that come your way in this profession. When you’re not strong enough to handle criticism or failure, you won’t get anywhere.

You’ll Never Be Perfect So Get Over It!

Striving for perfection comes with many good qualities, such as paying attention to detail. But it also holds you back. You can have high standards and do great things without being perfect. It’s vital to let go of the idea of being perfect in your freight sales profession. Get over it and accept that achieving excellence, short of perfection, is more than good enough.

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Why You Don’t Throw In The Towel!

Why You Don’t Throw In The Towel!

Staying motivated is critical to success, no matter what your goals.  We ALL face major challenges while moving closer to our freight sales dreams.  It can be challenging, as well, staying motivated when obstacles arise.  When you’re struggling to find motivation while making freight sales calls, remember these motivators and stick to them like glue!

Use The Towel to Wipe the Sweat Off Your Face!

The saying, ‘throw in the towel’ comes from boxing.  When a fighter was outmatched and wanted to end the fight, he would throw his towel into the ring and the referee would call the fight.  The reason the fighter had the towel in the first place was to wipe the sweat off his face and out of his eyes.  When it seems like you’re facing defeat, you can either throw in the towel or use it to wipe off your sweat and get back in the ring.  Stay in there and finish all the rounds!

Easy Is Never A Part of Success!

If success was easy, everyone would be successful.  Success requires much hard work, late nights and dedication.  If it seems like the road ahead is difficult, it just means that it eventually leads to success.

Expanding Is Always Your Main Goal!

It’s typically not apparent which direction you must go.  Or, it may seem that the direction you’re going is blocked.  When that happens, always think of expanding.  When you expand, you widen your horizons in all directions. This opens new options that you may not have seen before.  Your goal must always be to expand!

Your Goals Are Too Small If Your Focus Is On Your Challenges!

It appears that we spend much of our time attempting to overcome challenges.  This is an easy trap to fall into because our minds tell us that we must solve the challenges in front of us before moving forward.  But if you find yourself stuck because you’re focusing on challenges, it’s time to expand your goals.  Set larger goals that take you beyond your challenges.  Challenges always look smaller in the rear view mirror.

New Challenges Are Good!

Are you viewing your challenges as something negative?  After all, challenges are things that must be dealt with so they go away.  Done correctly, challenges will make you think about situations in a different way so you get closer to achieving your goals.  Every time you come up against a new challenge, you’re that much closer to reaching your goal.

Take Action On Your Fears, Don’t Retreat From Them!

Fear is a great motivator when you don’t retreat from it.  Stare down your fear, own it, and then dive into it.  By showing fear who’s the boss, you overcome it and come out successful on the other side.  Some of the greatest achievers of our time say that if you’re not afraid when you’re reaching for an important goal, you’re not doing it right. So, face your fears head on!

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Be The Celebrity In Your Freight Sales Market!

Be The Celebrity In Your Freight Sales Market!

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Motivational statements can be a great way to get fired up and encourage you to make positive changes.  They won’t do much for you if you don’t put them to work, however.  Here are several great motivational statements that will assist you to boost your success in freight sales, as long as you apply them. Put these up in a spot in your office where you see them every day.  Then, put them into action in your freight sales profession!

Be The Power House In Your Freight Market Where Your Name Is Synonymous With What You Do!

When you talk about looking something up on a search engine, you say you’re going to Google it. When you must blow your nose, you say that you require a Kleenex. These are a few examples of brands that have become fully synonymous with their purpose. This must be your goal as well. When freight prospects in your market think of freight agents, your name must come to mind!

Be The Celebrity In Your Freight Market Where Your Name Is Synonymous With What You Do!

Same as making your name synonymous with what you do, another goal is to be the celebrity in your freight market.  Be the freight sales agent who excites and engages, the one who everyone is talking about. The goal, of course, is to have a positive celebrity status and not the tabloid scandal we’re all aware of.  You’ll achieve that celebrity status by becoming the best freight sales agent in your market specialty.

Consider It Unethical To Not Live Up To Your Full POTENTIAL!

There are many actions that you don’t do because they’re unethical.  Cheating and stealing are great examples.  How would your behavior change if you knew that it was unethical to not live up to your full potential?  Don’t settle for good enough or average.  Be the absolute best freight sales agent you’re capable of, and hold yourself accountable.

 Decide What You Want. Then NEVER LOWER Your TARGET!

Setting goals is the first step, however, you must then commit to the goals you set.  Once you’ve set your target, hold firm and don’t ever lower your expectations.  You can even push past the target, but never convince yourself that it’s okay to lower your standards.

When You Provide Average Service, You Won’t Be Referred!

Good enough may feel like a comfortable place to be for now.  But, it never works out in the end.  Don’t settle for good enough by providing just average service.  If your desire is to be referred again and again to more freight prospects, you must consistently provide outstanding service to the freight customers you have now.

If Your Customer Isn’t Thinking About You FIRST, Then You’re Going To Be LAST!

One of your main goals is to always have your name be the first one that a freight customer and prospect considers.  If that’s not the case, you’re going to end up last by a lot of metrics.  You don’t want customers and prospects to turn to you as a last resort.  Provide outstanding service so your name is automatically in your freight customer’s and prospect’s mind at all times.

Are you new to the freight sales profession, or struggling in your freight business right now?  Call me at626-309-9141, or enter your contact details on the right >>>>>> to join OUR top producing freight sales team!