Calling Mistakes Making Freight Prospects Hang Up!

Calling Mistakes Making Freight Prospects Hang Up!

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Freight sales agents must continuously call freight prospects to move their freight, and connecting challenges with them are normal.  But, getting hung up on is never the norm in this profession.  When that happens, evaluate your calling techniques, and see if one of the three reasons below is part of your challenge staying connected.

You Mispronounce Your Freight Prospect’s Name Or Company

The first sentences out of your mouth, once your shipping decision maker picks up the phone, is to repeat their name and the name of their company.  Incorrectly pronouncing either one loses your freight prospect immediately before you say anything else.

Both mispronunciations are usually irreversible.  It shows that you didn’t take any time to research the company or the prospect’s name.  All it takes is one miscue like this.  Your prospect is unlikely to give you a second opportunity either.  Avoid this blunder with thorough research, and ask the gatekeeper about the shipping decision maker’s name pronunciation it that’s required as well.

You Ignore Your Freight Prospect’s Objections

If pronunciation challenges aren’t the reason for dial tones, then it’s because you ignore your prospect’s objections.  This is where listening is so valuable.  When a prospect says that it’s not a good time, or isn’t interested in your freight service, continuing your freight sales pitch shows inconsideration.  It brings selfishness and cold-hearted behavior to your prospect’s ears.

Regardless, listen to their objections and show concern.  Then, change course.  Ask your prospect detailed questions to prepare yourself for the next call. This change in strategy keeps freight prospects on the phone, and forces them to answer your unexpected questions.

You Sound Scripted To Your Freight Prospect

Greet your prospect, introduce yourself, state the reason for the call, and ask them for assistance. Most freight sales pitches sound the same from uninterested and inexperienced freight sales agents.  Because of that, your prospect feels like a number instead of a live person.  Of course, they’re going to hang up. Scripted pitches won’t get you anywhere.

Remove the overly excited tone and go for a natural, conversation tone.  Talk as if they’re a friend or family member.  During the conversation, always speak slowly.  Cramming everything into one call hoping they won’t hang up encourages hang ups. Don’t speak like a robot.

Can-do persistence, great communication, and improvisation are vital to a successful freight sale.  Fixing these hiccups bring hang-ups to an end. Fix your approach now so hang ups decrease later.

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2 thoughts on “Calling Mistakes Making Freight Prospects Hang Up!

  1. Anthony Green

    Hello Ted I’m a first time freight Agent struggling to get started with prospects without sounding scripted when i cold call , My back ground is i have 10 plus years experience in the trucking and warehousing industry as a supervisor and dispatcher , I’ve also have experience with the DAT board and 3pl broker’s and negotiate per mile rates , So i do have some experience in the industry but my Achilles heel is selling my service as a freight agent . Any suggestions ????


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