How To Build Rapport With Freight Prospects

How To Build Rapport With Freight Prospects

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To build rapport with freight prospects is the most effective way to optimize conversion and increase retention.  If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the perfect time to access and implement strategies to assist and build that rapport with freight prospects.  Utilize some or all the techniques outlined here to accomplish this objective.

Research Your Freight Prospects With LinkedIn

Are you truly serious about building strong communication with your freight prospects?  If YES, then research them on LinkedIn first. This strategy is incredibly powerful because it provides you with key information regarding their personality and professional requirements. Once you connect with them and attain that data, you can interface with your freight prospects in a more detail-oriented, knowledge-based manner.

Understand Your Freight Prospects Personality And Job Function

Once you complete the online research regarding your prospects via LinkedIn, then focus on understanding their personas, business plans, and job functions.  Does it appear that your freight prospect is introverted?  If so, recall that adopting an aggressive sales approach with them won’t work to your disadvantage.  However, being talkative and assertive with an extrovert usually proves to be helpful in the relationship-building process.  Make sure you carefully study the industry that your freight prospect works in so you understand how your freight services can be used to optimize their daily operations, or satisfy their ongoing freight moving requirements.

Get Your Freight Prospects Laughing

One of the best ways to build rapport with freight prospects is to make them laugh.  There are numerous ways you can engender this outcome, and there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” approach. Getting someone to laugh is largely about using your emotional intelligence.  See what types of situations your freight prospect finds interesting, intriguing, or abhorrent.  By tapping into your prospect’s emotional and ideological slant, you determine what kinds of jokes they find to be funny!

Ask Your Freight Prospects Great Open-Ended Questions

Another way to build rapport with freight prospects is asking great open-ended questions.  This technique requires your prospects to provide detailed information regarding their personal preferences, professional life, and general opinions about business in general.  Once this information is offered, use it to keep the conversation going by asking even more detail-oriented, relevant questions.  Also, use your prospect’s answers to make those determinations regarding which freight products of yours they find useful.

Listen When Your Freight Prospects Talk Business

While building rapport is the goal, many freight sales agents associate the process with talking about themselves.  Communicating openly and extensively is the main goal, so don’t do all the talking.  Much of the time you spend connecting with freight prospects involves listening to their opinions, perspectives, and freight service requests – not yours.  Remember also that much of the rapport-building process isn’t “small talk.”  At some point, your freight prospects are ready to “get down to business” to discuss which freight services of yours they require.  When that happens, listen closely and move beyond topics like the weather and family to talk about their business – not yours.

Build Rapport Now With Your Freight Prospects!

Optimize your freight company’s bottom line by generating more sales and increasing repeat business, know that building rapport is a great way to realize your professional goals.  Use all the strategies outlined here to ensure that you enhance your rapport-building skills right now!

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  1. Jessica

    This is great! I recently went from shipper side to Broker side. Interesting transition, but necessary for my end career path.

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    Hi we a logistics software company and we’d like to use some of those contents my blog site.

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  3. Andrew Diack

    I would appreciate some sales advice.

    Just to give you some background. I come from an IT background and very much an introvert.

    We’ve developed a collaborative software platform designed to bring together Shippers and Transporters across the logistic sectors (bulk, containerized, refrigerated, etc.) to create efficiency by utilizing empty capacity.

    What content would you suggest to market this product?


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