How You Build Authority With Freight Prospects!

How You Build Authority With Freight Prospects!

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Do you participate and produce in the freight sales industry?  Do you desire to optimize your sales skills with freight prospects?  One great way to take your freight business to a new level is by increasing your ability to build authority with freight prospects. There are many strategies you can implement to realize these objectives.


Here Are 5 Strategies:

Start Your Calls With An Agenda And Questions

Being organized in approaching new freight prospects is one of the best ways to attain ongoing, substantive results.  So, start each of your prospecting calls with an agenda and a question in mind.  Knowing what you’ll attempt to discuss while conversing with your freight prospect is a great way to boost your confidence.  Additionally, having an agenda assists you in making a favorable first impression by demonstrating your professionalism.  Finally, asking questions is a great way to get your freight prospect engaged in the conversation. It also demonstrates interest in your prospect’s freight moving requirements, that you’ll overcome, after gaining their freight business.

Demonstrate Your Freight Moving Experience

Demonstrating your freight moving experience is a great strategy to build authority.  By showing your freight prospects that you have the required education and hands-on experience in this industry, prospects will trust your suggestions regarding moving their products.  There are several ways to show freight prospects your experience.  For example, answer a question with this response: “After moving freight for the last 15 years, I can confidently say that a dry van is the most requested trailer, of my current customers, to move your widgets.”

Adapt To Your Freight Prospect’s Personality

Another way to build authority with freight prospects is adapt to their personality type.  Does your prospect have an extroverted, outgoing personality?  Then match this modality by being equally assertive and talkative as well.  However, if your prospect is more introverted, then modify your approach and avoid the aggressive, “pushy” type that shy individuals find overwhelming and off-putting.  Matching your personality to your freight prospect’s is a wonderful way to build rapport with them.  It puts them at ease as well.  Once you cultivate the environment of trust and comfort with prospects, you’re more likely to receive their freight business.

Be Genuine With Your Freight Prospects

Always be genuine with your freight prospects.  Even if you have an “elevator pitch,” don’t sound like you’re reading a script.  Make direct eye contact as well.  Dig deep to find out what types of freight services your freight prospect requires as opposed to attempting to just selling them something. These steps will assist you to cultivate an aura of transparency and genuineness, and accelerate the relationship-building process with them.

Recap & List Next Steps With Your Freight Prospects

In most cases, freight prospects grow overwhelmed hearing you provide detailed information regarding your freight moving options.  So, be sure to give a brief recap that sums everything up in a simple and concise way.  Also, list your next steps, to moving their freight, in a manner that leads your prospect down the road to decision and conversion.  For example, at the end of your recap, say: “Please fill out my Customer Set Up Information sheet today.”  Note that the word “today” conveys immediacy to do this NOW!!

Start Building Authority Today!

Desire to optimize your sales and keep your freight business moving forward?  Building authority with your prospects is a great way to realize that goal.  Use all the strategies outlined above to ensure that you begin cultivating an authoritative image immediately. Then call me at 626-309-9141 or enter your contact details on the right >>> to join OUR top producing freight sales team!

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