How Retreating Back Creates Freight Sales!

Everyone retreats backward at some point in their life.  However, going back will never get you to your freight goals. It’s true in relationships, personal goals, and absolutely true in freight sales.

Retreating Backward is choosing to not take action in order to avoid what you feel is a negative experience.  So, how does retreating backwards create freight sales? It doesn’t, nor will it ever! 



Retreating Backward Never Gets You To Your Goal

There are 4 Categories Of Actions In Freight Sales:

Doing Nothing = Always Leads To Failure

RETREATING BACKWARD = Always Leads To Failure

Average Action = Just Getting By

Massive Action = “My Secret Formula” (10 times what you think the norm is)

Some Freight Sales Actions Aren’t Fruitful

When this happens, does it make you stop and retreat backward? Does it make you not repeat those same actions again?

Retreating Backward Won’t Solve Your Challenges

EVERYONE does this at some point in their life. It’s natural to choose avoidance when you’ve been rejected or face an obstacle.

We Learned Early How To Retreat

We’ve all learned how to retreat backward from a very young age. This messaging is deeply ingrained into our psyches. Just think of what you heard repeatedly as a child:

  • “Don’t Touch That!”
  • “Be Careful!”
  • “Get Out Of There!”
  • “Stop Fighting!”
  • “Don’t Talk To Strangers.”
  • “No!”

You already know how to retreat backward and you do it naturally.  It’s not surprising that you tend to repeat this pattern as a freight sales agent. This is especially true because freight sales is all about talking to strangers and facing down the threat of a NO.

And retreating is already a natural reaction, but you also get further encouragement to retreat backward from coworkers, family members, friends, and society. It’s already easy to retreat backward and it only gets easier when you’re being encouraged by others to retreat.

Examples Of Retreating Backward

 Retreating is a universal experience.

“The stock market sucks. I’m never investing in that again.” — retreat!

“Most marriages fail. I’m staying single.” — retreat!

“The job market is terrible. No one is hiring. I’m filing for unemployment.” — retreat!

“I can’t control the outcome of the election. I’m not even going to vote!” – retreat!

 And In Freight Sales: 

“I get too many objections from shipping managers. Nobody will talk to me”— retreat!

Do you see this same mentality play out in freight sales? Do you just give up at the first sign of an obstacle?

Advance Despite The Fear Of Failure

Your top goal is to ignore the messaging you’re getting from others and ignore your own natural tendency to retreat.  Remember that retreating is a choice you’re making. Refuse to make that choice which will never get you to your goals.  Refuse to quit.  Refuse to go backward.  Keep moving forward!  You must go on the offensive, face down the fear, and continuously move forward.

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