Why Never Ask Prospects: “Is This A Bad Time to Talk?”


Because You’re Stating The Obvious To Your Freight Prospects

There’s a multitude of reasons why a particular time is bad to talk.  However, another reality is that there won’t likely be a better time to talk with your freight prospects either.  Just accept the reality that you may not have selected the best time to call, and do your best to always extend your conversations.  Hectic schedules represent one of the most common elements of life in this plugged-in, high-tech era – and that’s obvious!

You’re Allowing Your Freight Prospects To Consider Their Workload

Your freight prospect isn’t typically focused on their workload.  They’re simply attempting to accomplish their daily tasks.  A major blunder is when you call them and ask if it’s a bad time.   The response you create is that your prospect starts thinking about everything they have to do,   or complete.

Even if your prospect agrees to speak with you, they likely won’t be focused on what you’re saying anyway.  They’ll be mentally stewing over everything they have to get done, and isn’t getting done talking to you.

All Your Competitors Ask It To Your Freight Prospects

“Is This A Bad Time To Talk?” is always asked in business settings, among friends, and with family members.  It’s so overused and has become more like background noise.  It’s not helpful and does nothing to advance your cause in strengthening relationships with your freight prospects.

You’re Wasting The Current Opportunity With Your Freight Prospects

When you ask that question, you run the risk of getting a response of “YES, Call me another time.” When that happens, you’ve squandered your current opportunity to speak to your freight prospect. Even if you received a short amount of time to speak, you would have at least gotten their email address to start communicating with them.

You’re Putting Your Freight Prospects On The Defensive

Asking your freight prospect if ‘it’s a bad time to talk’ also runs the risk of putting them on the defensive.  They may feel that if the time really isn’t that great, they’ll be perceived as a bad actor when they tell you that it is a good time.  Then, even if your prospect says the time is acceptable, they may feel like they’re on the defensive during your entire conversation.

You Broadcast Insecurity With Your Freight Prospects

You must exude confidence when you approach freight prospects.  By asking this question, it gives them an easy way out first of all.  You also convey a sense of insecurity, which sets the wrong tone for your initial discussions with them.

Your Freight Prospects Expect You To Ask It

Freight prospects expect freight agents to call, pitch ideas and ask all sorts of questions. They’re also not going to be surprised when they ask if the time is bad as well.  That question is totally unnecessary.  When the time really is bad, your prospect will make that clear on his or her own initiative.

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