Avoid THESE Costly Freight Shipping Blunders!

Avoid THESE Costly Freight Shipping Blunders!

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The fastest way to lose money and freight customers is making shipping blunders.  Fortunately, these blunders are easy to avoid.  Avoid these common and costly shipping blunders to keep your freight customers happy.

Not Double Checking Information On Shipping Documents

Double checking documents can often feel like a waste of time.  Every so often, though, errors are caught and disaster is prevented by taking time to double check the shipping documents. It only takes a minute to look over packing lists, invoices, and original bills of lading, and saves you hours solving the challenges created later.

Overlooking Time Sensitive Shipments

Timing is always important with shipping.  Sometimes it’s extremely important.  Arriving too early can be just as big of a challenge as arriving too late. To prevent screwing up the shipment timing, consider the timeline for loading, in-transit time, and receiving time cut-offs.  Lock everything down several days before shipment to ensure timing success.

Choosing Incorrect Shipping Methods

How you choose to ship has big impacts on arrival time. When choosing between flatbed, reefer or dry van trailers to be delivered via road or railroad, consider shipping time and cost. The lowest quote isn’t always the best option.  Choose shipping methods that work best for your customer and makes it worthwhile for you as well.

Not Getting Correct Cargo Insurance

As with other aspects of life, incidents go awry with shipping. When cargo is stolen or damaged in transit, it results in major losses.  By having the correct cargo insurances in place for each load, you save yourself a lot of money when disaster strikes.  It’s also important that your cargo is correctly packed to minimize damage.

Choosing Carriers With Cheapest Rates

It’s tempting to go with the cheapest rate, but it’s not always the best choice. The cheapest rate might be a sign of inexperience, which results in unsatisfactory service, and the inability to handle complications.  There can also be hidden fees hiding behind your cheap rate, resulting in a higher price in the end.  The cheapest rate may be the right option initially, but only go with it after carefully considering the whole picture.

Stop Building Your Prospect List

Failing to continually build your freight prospect list is a far worse blunder than any shipping error.  When you coast by only servicing your current freight customers, you’ll eventually end up in misery.  Rather than finding yourself with few loads moving, stagnating sales, and unpaid bills, take time each day to connect with new freight prospects, build your list, and constantly grow your freight sales business.

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