Actions Of THE TOP Freight Sales Agents – Part 2

Actions Of THE TOP Freight Sales Agents - Part 2

There are daily actions that all TOP freight sales agents perform keeping them at the top of their game.  Adopt these habits, and you’re on your way to becoming a TOP Producing freight sales agent as well.

ADAPT Sales Presentations When Customer’s Situations Change

This is where listening is so vital.  Very often, you begin a relationship with an understanding of their situation, only to have that situation change through the sales cycle.  So, demonstrate to your prospects that you understand their changes, and can manage those new requirements as well.

POSITION Your Freight Service And The Solutions It Provides

How does your freight service compare against your competition?  How does it benefit your customers?  You must know how to communicate this to the freight industry.  Never criticize the competition.  Just explain how your service is superior.

FOCUS On Your Prospect First

This is so important, yet an often over looked action.  Always listen to your prospects and respond to everything they communicate to you, even if it’s not verbal.  When you’re talking to a prospect and they’re leaning back, have their arms crossed, or are looking away, they’re not interested in what you’re saying.  Attempt another point to get them re-engaged.

 PREPARE For Potential Objections That Pop Up

Doing your homework before the sales call includes reviewing any possible objections and how to overcome them.  The more personalized you can make your response to an objection, the more effective it will be.  If your prospect says they don’t ship enough freight to use your service, responding with specifics on the prospect’s past freight requirements will show you’ve done your research.

ESTABLISH The Next Steps

Every e-mail conversation, phone call, and meeting should end with you outlining what happens next and who’s responsible for it.

FOLLOW-UP After Every Contact

This may be the most important action that top freight sales agents employ.  Follow up with an email or phone call to summarize your meeting or discussion, and confirm what happens next. Use this opportunity to answer any questions you may not have answered during your meeting.

 PROSPECT To Keep Your Pipeline Full

It’s easy to let prospecting fall behind when you have a lot of activity moving your customers freight.  But if you don’t continually prospect, you’ll find yourself with an empty pipeline once your customers have left you.  Continually prospect, no matter what.

DEAL With The Shipping Decision-Maker

You can give the greatest sales presentation, but it won’t mean a thing if the person you’re connecting with can’t pull the trigger.  Make sure you’re talking to the decision-maker who actually decides to use your freight service.

KEEP In Touch With Everybody

Staying in touch with everyone on your prospect and customer list means you’ll be the one they contact when they require freight services.  Staying top of mind means you get more business.

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