Actions Of THE TOP Freight Sales Agents – Part 1

Actions Of THE TOP Freight Sales Agents - Part 1

Ever wonder what separates a top performing freight sales agent from the average group.  In most cases, it’s because they apply many successful actions in their daily routine.  So, here’s MY first list of the best actions of Top Performing Freight Sales Agents.


Without setting targets and goals, you’re going nowhere. Just the act of setting high targets and goals leads you to achieving them. Just shooting for high goals puts you ahead of the average freight sales agent, and high targets bring high rewards.


PLAN The Quarter, Month Week, And Daily Schedule

To have any probability of hitting the high targets you’ve set, you must plan your schedule. A clear schedule, for example, lays out the number of phone calls and follow-ups you must do each day, week, month, and quarter to hit those goals.

Set OBJECTIVES For Each And Every Sales Call

To increase your likelihood of each individual sales call or meeting being successful, you must go into it knowing exactly what you desire to accomplish. Start by thoroughly researching your prospect. Having information such as where they’re located, and what freight they move will assist you.

ASK High-Value Questions That Probe To The Heart

By probing to the heart of your sales call, you’re much more likely to achieve your objective. The right questions to ask aren’t easy questions. Ask the tough questions that makes your prospect think. This also makes you look good by showing your freight prospect that you put time and effort into the conversation.

LISTEN Carefully To What Prospects Say And Answer, Instead Of Waiting For Your Turn To Speak

To stand out from the average freight sales agent, you must be a good listener. Carefully listen to what your prospect is saying and respond accordingly. This may change the course of how you planned the conversation, but this creates the perfect opportunity for you to show them your value.

CLARIFY Issues When They’re Unclear Of What The Freight Prospect Says Or Means

When you listen carefully, but feel uncertain about what your prospect means, step in and ask for clarification. Don’t assume. Instead, make the effort to really understand. Your clear understanding of the prospect’s unique situation and requirements will assist you to best serve them.

WAIT TO PRESENT Your Freight Service, Solutions Or Ideas Until You Know Exactly The Prospect’s Situation

Don’t rush. Only present once you have that clear understanding. Patience will help you offer the most value and this increases your likelihood of success.

Begin Every Call With A RECAP Of All Calls And Your Understanding Of The Prospect’s Situation

In every follow-up call, summarize your previous conversations. This is vital to moving their freight. Show your prospect that you’re listening and understand their situation. This can (and should) even include details about the prospect’s personal life. If you know they just took a vacation, ask how it was. This shows that you see them as more than just a number.

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