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In 2008, a failing business, bankruptcy and divorce are staring right at me! So, I dusted off my California CDL, went to Art’s Trucking in Montebello, CA and took a job driving his big rig thinking: ‘This will solve my problems!’ The one choice to drive Art’s big rig solved my problems! It was through seeing first-hand how freight moves around the US, and the world. And from that experience, I’ve developed MY Top Producing Freight Sales Success System to earn Six Figures, and MULTIPLY Your Income, just like I did 10 years ago!

As you’ll see, It didn’t take Art long before sensing my sales experience and asking me to come in off the road, and become a freight sales agent for his start up freight brokerage.  And it didn’t take long to apply my 25+ years of experience to obtain results fast and become a top producing freight agent.

Take advantage of the FREIGHT SALES SUCCESS SYSTEM I’ve created over the last 10 years in several ways.  You can remain with the freight company you currently represent, or build the freight brokerage you’ve begun, or join MY top producing freight sales team. Wherever You Are, You Decide Right Now!

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