3 Required Ingredients For Your Freight Business!

3 Required Ingredients For Your Freight Business!

Most freight sales agents dream of operating a successful freight business, and reaping the financial and personal rewards that come with it.  Simply stated, there’s no magical formula for freight sales success, and if there was, everyone who came into this profession would be successful.  There are required ingredients, however, that must be implemented, and here are the top three that your freight sales business must possess in their order.


Getting your freight sales business off the ground and running well requires hard work, no doubt, and a lot of it!  To succeed, you must have tremendous motivation, determination and drive.  You’ll also work longer hours and more days than you did in your normal day job.  You’ll also require the Motivation to learn those important aspects of running a business that you may never have thought of before.  In speaking from personal experience, you must always be willing to learn and attempt new situations.  Your driving motivation to succeed will, undoubtedly, result in happy freight customers when you go above and beyond the norm to satisfy those same customers, who have a number of other freight providers calling them daily with their own service offerings.


Without direction and focus, your freight sales business will unfortunately fail. You must have goals for your business in order to have something to strive for, and then they must assist in monitoring your business’ health.  Your goals must be written down before you make any official attempt to start, and they must be periodically reevaluated.  Goals must be included in the freight business you plan and draft, as it’s one of the main purposes for having a business plan in the first place.  Figuring out and writing down your goals ensures your company’s purpose and specific shipping niche.  That makes it so much easier to market your freight services to those specific prospects and customers who require it, and are searching for it.


A Freight Sales System is the final major ingredient to your successful freight business.  If you’ve worked in the transportation and shipping industry before, you should have a good grasp of the sales systems that work and those that don’t.  If you haven’t worked in this industry, you’ll still be successful, however, it will be somewhat challenging and more trial and error will be involved.  Either way, coming up with a successful sales system, and sticking to it, is a must for any successful freight sales business.  If you’re searching for a successful freight sales system that I’ve developed, and share with all of my own freight sales agents on our team, then visit my Freight Sales Success Store and purchase my FREIGHT SALES SUCCESS GUIDE.  Stick to its procedures while connecting with all of your freight prospects and customers.  Then, you’ll have a successful sales system from the start guiding and weaving you, with proper motivation, to the top tier goals that you’ve set for yourself and your freight business.

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  1. Devorick Johnson

    Mr. Keyes,

    I’m currently in the middle of transitioning from the Army. And I have been watching and listening to some of your podcasts. The invaluable information that you put out, is awesome! I’m thinking about getting into the business as a Freight Broker after some time behind the wheel as a driver. That way, I can build up a great book of leads to call before the cold calling kicks in.

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    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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